You Don't Have to Choose Between Food and TV

Relax while we deliver food right to your place

Imagine that your stomach is starting to growl, but you're too captivated by your favorite show to move. Instead of pausing your show to go get food, look to Five Star Food Express. We're a food delivery company that will bring food directly to your door.

You can order food from our site, our app, or by calling our customer service professionals at 833-410-0455. If you order on our app, you can track your delivery live. If you order on our site, you'll receive updates via email.
Call 833-410-0455 today for more information about our delivery services.

3 reasons to choose Five Star Food Express

There's a reason why we've grown in popularity over the last couple of years. You'll appreciate that:

  1. We deliver up to 15 minutes away
  2. We accept cash, unlike our competitors
  3. We give back to the community

Learn more about Five Star Food Express

We try our best to maintain excellent relationships with customers, drivers, and restaurants. Turn to us if you're looking to:

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